Best Paris Wine Bars: Cavestève

Entrepreneurs are reinventing the Paris wine bar with exciting boutique bottles and amazing food, as in the great recipes here.

Bright, modern Cavestève near the Place du Trocadéro, an outpost of the Bastille original, is a wine shop first and a place to eat second. So the wine selection—about 300 labels—is relatively huge, and the choices extend beyond France to Chile, New Zealand and California. Wine director Jérôme Moreau, formerly head sommelier at the restaurant at Hotel Le Bristol, is partial to small-scale producers, such as Domaine Huet, which makes gorgeous Vouvrays in the Loire. Chef Magdalena Niementowski prepares plates of Spanish sausages and, for dessert, delectable lemon-glazed pound cakes.

Paris Wine Bars:


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