Best L.A. Restaurants for Vegetable Lovers

“L.A. has so many good restaurants; I always go for the ambiance and vibe and good service as much as the food,” says Beverly Hills Farmgirl blogger and vegetarianDana Slatkin. Here, she shares her favorites.

The Bazaar, SLS Hotel

José Andrés is doing some seriously tricky things with vegetables. We had the 10-course tasting menu; it was so exciting. Half the people had the regular tasting menus, but those of us who had a vegetarian menu did not feel deprived one bit.


They have the Asian fusion thing down brilliantly. I love how they meld Asian sea vegetables and Asian flavorings with California produce.

The Little Door

I think this is one of the sexiest restaurants in LA. It feels like you’re in the backyard of a beautiful farmhouse in Provence. I love their vegetable couscous served in a tagine.

One Pico

I have to flag my husband’s hotel. But One Pico does a beautiful job of showcasing the Santa Monica Farmers’ Market’s bounty. The menu changes daily, and it’s served in a beautiful setting on the beach.

Chateau Marmont

Even though it’s hipster heaven, it has a great vibe, and the chef has the food chops to match. The food is delicious and very vegetarian-friendly.

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