Best Aspen Restaurants

After 30 years of Food & Wine Classics in Aspen, F&W editors know the best places to eat and drink. Here F&W’s guide to the best Aspen restaurants, bars and shops.

Aspen Restaurants: Insider Picks

Aspen Restaurants: Ajax Tavern
Photo © Getty Images.

Ajax Tavern

“It’s always fun to find out just how many famous faces I can spot at Ajax Tavern, eating a burger and a cone of truffle fries,” says Dana. “I invariably see Mario Batali or Drew Nieporent at a table, commanding an audience.”

Aspen Restaurants: Chefs Club
Photo courtesy of St. Regis.

Chefs Club

This new spot in the St. Regis is F&W’s debut restaurant project in collaboration with Starwood, featuring dishes from former Best New Chefs George Mendes (Aldea, NYC), Sue Zemanick (Gautreau’s, New Orleans), Alex Seidel (Fruition, Denver) and James Lewis (Bettola, Birmingham, AL).

Aspen Restaurants: Matsuhisa Aspen
Photo courtesy of Nobu / © Getty Images.

Matsuhisa Aspen

Nobu Matsuhisa is often in town for the Classic. So going to his restaurant for stellar sushi is a great way to see him (plus other celebrity chefs who might be eating there, like Thomas Keller). You can also spot star winemakers like Randy Lewis of Napa’s Lewis Cellars, who brings incredible bottles from his collection.

Aspen Restaurants: The Little Nell Living Room
Photo © Theo Morrison

The Little Nell Living Room

F&W’s Dana Cowin and Ray Isle swing by late to see which wine geeks are drinking with sommelier Jonathan Pullis, and what they’re all pouring—usually rare, French, insanely good bottles like the 2001 Thierry Allemand Les Chaillots Cornas.

Aspen Restaurants: Breakfast and Lunch

Aspen Hangouts: The Cheese Shop
Photo © iStock.

The Cheese Shop

Before the scheduled parties begin, F&W’s Kate Heddings likes to host an unofficial get-together with selections from The Cheese Shop, like Bellecombe Comté. (Cheese whiz Laura Werlin, a frequent Classic speaker, often checks out the selection, too.) Little Nell hotel alums Sarah and Andrew Helsley took over the shop last year.

Aspen Restaurants: Ink! Coffee
Photo courtesy of Ink Coffee / © iStock.

Ink! Coffee

Devin Padgett, who produces the Classic, runs into Ink in the morning to grab a cup of coffee (made with beans from Ink’s private roaster) and chat up food celebrities like Tom Colicchio or F&W’s own Gail Simmons. Everyone’s need for caffeine is a good measure of how late they were out the night before. 520 E. Durant Ave.;

Aspen Restaurants: Main Street Bakery & Cafe
Photo courtesy of Oceana Cruises / © iStock (doughnut).

Main Street Bakery & Cafe

Dana always stops in for scrambled eggs and a big biscuit before the day’s first seminar and usually leaves with a doughnut. “The very first time I went there, in the ’90s, I spotted Jacques Pépin,” she says. 201 E. Main St.; 970-925-6446.

Aspen Bars

Aspen Hangouts: Jimmy’s
Photo © Tina Rupp (lime) / Courtesy of James T. Murray.


After-hours, the bar at Jimmy’s is packed with F&W editors like Kate Krader and locals lined up for the great margaritas and outstanding tequila collection. We hear that Eben Freeman, who heads up the cocktail program at chef Michael White’s NYC restaurants, will do a guest stint this year. Chefs like Jimmy’s, too: Daniel Boulud often shows up there, sometimes even later than the editors.

Aspen Restaurants: J-Bar
Photo courtesy of David Sawyer (Flay) / Courtesy of Marcus Samuelsson / © iStock (soccer ball).


When there’s a big sports event going on, everyone loves Hotel Jerome’s J-Bar for its big TV screen and hefty burgers. In World Cup years, F&W’s Christine Quinlan hangs out with star chefs like Marcus Samuelsson and Bobby Flay to watch as much soccer as she can between demos, tastings and parties.

Aspen Restaurants: Woody Creek Tavern
Photo courtesy of Woody Creek Tavern.

Woody Creek Tavern

In the little downtime editors have in Aspen, F&W’s Pam Kaufman bikes to Woody Creek Tavern along the gorgeous Rio Grande Trail (where she’s seen restaurateur Danny Meyer jogging impressively fast). She loves the nachos—the ones topped with faux chorizo are improbably delicious.

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