Architect's Picks | Richard Meier

Richard Meier's taste in kitchens reflects his signature style: bold, linear, versatile.

1 Extra-Tall Candles

Meier uses three-foot-tall "Metric" candles from Creative Candles at dinner parties because he likes the way they softly illuminate both guests' faces and the table ($19 each; 800-237-9711 or

2 White Cups

Meier designed "Space" porcelain dinnerware for Arabia; he uses the cups at home (from $10 for a cup to $28 for a dinner plate; 800-448-8252).

3 Sashimi Knife

Meier loves the sashimi knife he bought at a street market in Japan. A similar knife, Korin's "Takobiki," is extra long, to cut large pieces of fish (from $165; 800-626-2172).

4 Round Place Mats

Meier likes the versatility of the woven place mats he bought in Bali. Dean & DeLuca sells similar ones that are 13 inches in diameter ($14; 877-826-9246).

5 Large, White Napkins

White linen napkins should be 22 inches square, Meier says, "so they're big enough to cover a man's tie and lap at the same time." He bought his napkins in London, but they're available in America from ABH Design ($15; 212-688-3764).

6 Egg Slicer

Meier has an obsession with perfectly even linear measurements, which helps explain why one of his favorite gadgets is an egg slicer ($3 from Norpro, at Broadway Panhandler; 866-266-5927).

7 Butcher-Block Table

In Meier's kitchen, a J&D Brauner maple table serves as a counter between the sink and the stove. It's 36 inches tall, the height of most countertops ($535; 516-746-2233).

8 Wood Floors

Meier likes the minimalist look of an all-white kitchen, though he adds wood floors because "the color gives a certain warmth to the room." Sunlight reflects off the floor to add a yellow tone to white walls.

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