An Exercise in Flavor

Great dishes to help you keep off what you work off

This post-workout meal starts with a garlic-packed Caesar salad that doesn't skimp on croutons or Parmesan but delivers less than 6 grams of fat per serving. For the main course, Ackard serves meaty tuna steaks, lightly coated with powdered porcini and topped with a tangy basil yogurt sauce. His secret for both the salad and the basil sauce is blanched garlic cloves: blanching mellows the flavor and softens the cloves so that they thicken whatever dressing or sauce they become part of. And for a dessert to start the summer, there's a refreshing watermelon granita. Even if you don't belong to the Reebok Sports Club, these recipes give you one of the perks of membership.

Jim Ackard is the chef at The Grill at Reebok Sports Club/NY.

One serving of Caesar salad, tuna with basil sauce and watermelon granita contains less than 15 grams of fat (23 percent of the recommended daily intake).

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