An Art Lover's Guide to Berlin

Stephan Landwehr and Boris Radczun reveal a few of their favorite Berlin restaurants and art galleries.

Best Berlin Restaurants

Grill Royal

Landwehr, Radczun and Paul’s stellar steak house is a Berlin art-world hangout.

Pauly Saal & Bar

The brand-new restaurant from Landwehr, Radczun and Paul offers updates of classic German dishes.

Berlin restaurants: Ganz Wien
© Lisa Linder

Ganz Wien

A new café, located near Landwehr’s house, specializes in Viennese sweets like kaiserschmarrn (caramelized pancakes).

Berlin restaurants: Barcomi’s
© Lisa Linder


This Berlin café roasts its own coffee and bakes the bread served at The Kosher Classroom.

Berlin restaurants: Paris Bar
© Lisa Linder

Paris Bar

At this classic French bistro, the walls are lined with paparazzi shots of regulars like David Bowie. Radczun recommends the entrecôte (rib steak).

Berlin’s Best Art Spots


Perhaps the world’s smallest gallery: a glass case set in a wall on a busy street. Every few weeks, a new artist’s work debuts.

Berlin restaurants: Neue Nationalgalerie
© Lisa Linder

Neue Nationalgalerie

This glass Mies van der Rohe building on Potsdamer Strasse has recently evolved into a buzzing art district.

Berlin restaurants: Schinkel Pavillon
© Lisa Linder

Schinkel Pavillon

At the stunning space built by Richard Paulick in the late ’60s, Landwehr has helped curate experimental exhibitions.

Berlin’s Best Dinner Party

Plus: Berlin’s Best Dinner Party

Stephan Landwehr invites the city’s tastemakers to his house for a preview of his latest venture, Pauly Saal.

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