American Wine Awards 2008

F&W’s 11th annual American Wine Awards honor an astonishingly good Pinot Noir producer, an ultra-cult Cab visionary and, of course, a range of terrific wines from Chardonnay to Zinfandel.


Judges: Trey Beffa, Chris Blanchard, Jon Bonné, Patrick Comiskey, Laurie Daniel, Fred Dexheimer, Brian Duncan, Paul Franson, Doug Frost, Anthony Giglio, W. Blake Gray, Andrew Green, Chuck Huffaker, Darryl Joannides, Kerrin Laz, Laura Maniec, Dan McCarthy, Kevin Mohalley, Linda Murphy, Andrew Myers, Paul Roberts, Jesse Rodriguez, Paul Root, Jesse Salazar, Jay Schiering, Tom Schmeisser, Margaux Singleton, Greg Steiner, David Stevens, Bernard Sun, Beth von Benz, Gerald Weisl, Karen Williams, Jeffrey Wolfe, Jeffrey Wooddy, Alder Yarrow.

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