Address Book | Vienna

Aioli Vienna meets the Mediterranean: French, Spanish and Italian dishes; interiors from two young Spanish designers (Stephansplatz 12; 011-43-15-32-03-73).

Bauer Near the city's center, Bauer has a new chef and a new lease on life-which pleases the winemaker regulars (Erdbergerstrasse 150; 011-43-17-14-31-26).

Halle A bi-level contemporary gallery of Italian-Asian cuisine, this was the first restaurant inside the MuseumsQuartier (1 Museumsplatz; 011-43-15-23-70-01).

Hansen In an ancient Roman market hall he shares with a florist, Gunther Sperl produces modern Viennese dishes (1 Wipplingerstrasse 34; 011-43-15-32-05-42).

Meinl am Graben Austro-Italian food and the town's best cheese board (Am Graben 19; 011-43-15-32-33-34).

Vestibül This marble chamber was once the emperor's coatroom; a trend-conscious wine list specializes in Austrian reds (Dr.-Karl-Lueger-Ring 2; 011-43-15-32-49-99).

-K. S.

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