A Taste for Bitter

Bitter flavors, which give food and cocktails balance and sophistication, are gaining an edge over sweet. Here, the best of the new.
Bitter flavors for the bar

Photo © Antonis Achilleos

Bitter Flavors for the Bar

Bitter Lemon Soda

Mix Fever-Tree's tart soda with gin.

Maple Bitters

A spritz or a drop of Urban Moonshine's bitters is great in Scotch cocktails.

Chocolate Bitters

Fee Brothers' new Aztec bitters are lovely with rum drinks.

Grapefruit Bitters

Try club soda with a dash of grapefruit bitters from Bittermens or The Bitter Truth.
bittermens.com; the-bitter-truth.com.

Ultrabitter chocolate

Photo © Antonis Achilleos

Bitter & Sweet

Ultrabitter chocolate containing over 90 percent cacao, once used only for baking, has become a new trend in chocolate candies. One of the latest successes: 91 percent–cacao Nocturne bars from Guittard. $4 for 2 oz; guittard.com.

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Winter Greens Salad

Photo © Antonis Achilleos

Bitter Salad

Winter Greens Salad

Bitter produce like endives, radicchio and kumquats are in peak season in winter (recipe, at right).

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Hoppy, extra-bitter beers

Photo © Antonis Achilleos

Bitter Brew

A new trend in American craft brewing: hoppy, extra-bitter beers. Ithaca Beer Company makes its citrusy AlpHalpHa with plenty of New York–grown Cascade hops.

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Bitter & Briny

Shinkai's delicate Deep Sea Salt from Japan adds a subtly bitter depth to steamed fish or chicken. $12 for 1.2 oz; atthemeadow.com.

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