A Stellar Zodiac Party

Wine and astrology meet at a bold dinner party celebrating the energetic Aries spirit of spring.
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Practical, loyal and stubborn, I am a stereotypical Taurus. Those traits affect my daily life more than I know, says astrologer Shelley von Strunckel, who informed me that a person's sign can influence her tastes in wine and food.

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    What does the term biodynamism mean?

  • A. A method of fermenting wine
  • B. A philosophy of eco-agriculture
  • C. The name of a vineyard in Napa

    Plus: An Astrologer's Cosmic Guide to Food & Wine

    Answer: B

I met von Strunckel recently at a dinner party arranged by a company called WineChap to celebrate the link between wine and astrology. The concept isn't as wacky as it sounds: Both biodynamic winemaking and astrology look to celestial cycles. This particular party had a seasonally appropriate focus on Aries (March 21–April 19). "It's a time of year signifying new beginnings and a zest for life," von Strunckel said.

Chef Jimmy Bradley from Manhattan's Red Cat and the forthcoming J&S Food Hall served recipes in the Aries spirit—energetic, bold—and WineChap's Tom Harrow provided the pairings. The menu taught me a lesson: If a food-and-wine match is written in the stars, even a Taurus can love an Aries meal.

Astrology Style for the Table

Sign Plates

© John Kernick

Sign Plates
These vintage Zodiac plates are Wedgwood's clever twist on Jasperware. From $22; replacements.com.

Ram's Head

© John Kernick

Ram's Head
From Jonathan Adler, the king of kitsch, this playful centerpiece makes a strong Aries statement. $225; jonathanadler.com.


© John Kernick

Sun Tile
Toronto artists Xenia Taler and Steven Koblinsky hand-make these tiles, perfect as trivets. $40; xeniataler.com.

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