A Healthy Blogger's Whole-Grain Dishes

Sara Forte’s delicious recipes satisfy big appetites—even her husband’s.

“I love whole grains. They make it easier to create healthy dishes that can fill up a man,” jokes blogger Sara Forte of SproutedKitchen.com. While she’s happy with just tofu or fish and vegetables, her husband, Hugh—who photographs all the dishes on her blog and in her forthcoming cookbook, The Sprouted Kitchen—craves cheeseburgers and desserts. To make dishes that are satisfying for both of them, she might cook tofu in bold-flavored five-spice powder to serve over a chewy barley-and-kale stir-fry. “I try to cram as many vegetables as I can into a dish,” she says of her earthy buckwheat crêpes, which she loves to wrap around a sauté of corn, leek and tomatoes. “Plus, there’s always a crêpe or two leftover for Hugh to spread with Nutella.”

videoVideo: More Healthy Recipes

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