5 Great Holiday Beers

Here, five excellent cold-weather brews.

Birreria Le Baladin Nöel

This holiday ale from Italy has hazelnut and dried-fruit flavors. The brewer brings Open Baladin, a pub, to New York City this summer at the new Eataly market.

Ommegang Adoration

Produced in limited quantities, this Belgian-style ale is similar to a holiday punch with its spices and powerful kick.

Samuel Adams Winter Lager

The sweet malted barley and cinnamon in this classic winter lager even pair well with desserts.

Victory Yakima Twilight Ale

This new extra-strength IPA has a warming edge and bitter hop flavors that make it food-friendly.

Young's Double Chocolate Stout

Chocolate malt and real dark chocolate give this light-bodied stout a rich, semisweet flavor, like an old-fashioned drugstore malt.

More Holiday Tips:

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