5 Great, Affordable Sparkling Wines

We all love Champagne, but we don’t always love paying for it. These affordable sparklers—from California, Spain and Italy—deliver great pleasure at greatly reduced cost.

1. NV Canella Prosecco di Conegliano ($15)

The vineyards in Italy’s Conegliano region produce excellent Prosecco, like this Meyer-lemony bottling.

2. NV Ombra Rosé di Pinot ($16)

Pinot Noir gives this subtly strawberry-flavored rosé from Italy’s Veneto region its pretty ballerina-pink color.

3. NV Scharffenberger Brut ($19)

A blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, this California Brut is creamy and full-bodied with tropical flavors.

4. 2007 Bisson Colli di Trevigiani Prosecco ($20)

Refreshingly dry and lime-scented, this Prosecco is produced by a winemaker who is also a wine-shop owner.

5. 2005 Llopart Brut Rosé Reserva ($20)

More red than pink, this stunning cava from a 600-plus-year-old winery has elegant strawberry and cherry notes.


F&W’s Champagne Guide

F&W’s Champagne Guide

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10 Top Affordable Champagnes

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50+ Values, Legendary Regions

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