5 Defining Moments in Foie Gras History

A 30-second guide to 30 years in food history: foie gras. Plus, a sampling of F&W recipes using foie gras as an ingredient (at right).


Specialty-food purveyor D’Artagnan delivers the first American foie gras to André Soltner, chef and owner of four-star Lutèce in New York City.


Hudson Valley Foie Gras opens in upstate New York; it soon becomes the country’s major producer of duck foie gras.


Animal-rights activists in Mill Valley, California, outraged by alleged cruelty to ducks, vandalize chef Laurent Manrique’s home.


Chicago City Council bans retail sale of foie gras, citing animal cruelty. Mayor Richard M. Daley calls it “the silliest law the City Council has ever passed.”

Plus: Noteworthy Chicago Restaurants


Chicago City Council repeals the ban on retail sale of foie gras. “We’re going to paint the town with foie gras,” exults Didier Durand, chef of Cyrano’s Bistrot.

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