5 Best Wine Storage Solutions

Cellar designer David Spon builds a variety of shelving styles to store—and show off—his clients’ wine collections. These five are his most practical and versatile.
Wine Storage: Adjustable Shelves

1. Adjustable Shelves

These can be moved to accommodate cases of different sizes. Spon frequently installs drawer slides on the lowest shelf to make those cases easier to access.

Wine Storage: Individual Racks

2. Individual Racks

These allow flexibility in organizing: One row might hold wines from a single producer, or wines in a similar style. Each rack is usually deep enough to hold two bottles.

Wine Storage: Coves

3. Coves

These long, shallow shelves have scooped-out bottoms that prevent bottles from rolling. Coves are very versatile—they can hold everything from half-bottles to six-liter imperials—and are great for showcasing star bottles.

Wine Storage: Angled Rectangular Bins

4. Angled Rectangular Bins

This design stores bottles very efficiently, allowing them to nest in staggered rows. These bins usually hold either six or 12 bottles.

Wine Storage: Diamond Bins

5. Diamond Bins

Ideal for storing nine or more bottles of the same wine. Aesthetically, the shape helps break up the visual monotony of a cellar’s horizontal and vertical lines.

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