These patriarchs of American whiskey continue to make news while still hewing to tradition.

June 01, 2010

Fritz Maytag Anchor Distilling Co

Courtesy of Anchor Brewing Company

1. Fritz Maytag Anchor Distilling Co.

Maytag restarted the craft-whiskey movement in 1996 with his Old Potrero rye. Last year, his Anchor Steam Brewing Company in San Francisco released a beer aged in whiskey barrels.George Washington Mount Vernon Estate

© Bob Creamer / Mount Vernon Ladies' Association

2. George Washington Mount Vernon Estate

In the last year of his life (1799), the nation's first president was likely its biggest whiskey-maker; his Virginia estate has revived his still, and will release his unaged rye next month.Jim Beam (ri)1 Whiskey

Courtesy of Beam Global Spirits & Wine, Inc.

3. Jim Beam (ri)1 Whiskey

Even the largest whiskey companies are trying small-batch. The Kentucky brand named for 19th-century whiskey pioneer James Beauregard "Jim" Beam recently launched this buttery rye.

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