2010 Trend: Great Frozen Foods

Smarter technology and tastier recipes are transforming the freezer aisle. Here are four new frozen foods that are more delicious than many versions sold fresh.
  1. Plump Fish Nuggets

    EcoFish, a sustainable favorite among chefs, batters wild Alaskan seafood for its amazing nuggets. >

  2. Flaky Hors D'oeuvres

    DeBoer Food's Puff Pastry Delights—mini bites with fillings like goat cheese and tomato—are airy and crunchy.

  3. Crunchy Spring Rolls

    Spring Kitchen's founders use their grandfather's recipe for these crispy Vietnamese rolls.

  4. Frozen Brown Rice & More

    Village Harvest's cryogenically frozen cooked whole grains thaw in seconds without turning mushy.

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2010 Trends

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