2010 Trend: Artisanal Breakfasts

Early birds (and everyone else) will love these new small-batch breakfast foods.

Lush Yogurt

One of America's premier dairies, Bellwether Farms in Sonoma, now makes a decadent yogurt with milk from its East Friesian sheep.

Healthy Granola

First sold at the Brooklyn Flea, a new NYC venue for food artisans, Early Bird granola is unusually deep-flavored and crisp. It's healthy, too: The oats are baked in extra-virgin olive oil.

Rustic Sausages

D'Artagnan applies its charcuterie know-how to American breakfast sausage, and the results are robust and juicy, especially the traditional variety spiced with nutmeg and cinnamon.

Smokehouse Bacon

The luxe mushroom company Aux Delices des Bois, known for its truffles, now sells another delicacy: artisanal bacon. Richly smoked, it's made from pork humanely raised by Amish farmers in Pennsylvania.

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