1960s Party: Retro-Modern Dips

Designer Lisa Perry's passion for the 1960s shows in her penchant for playful party snacks.

Set among the geometric swing dresses and bright polka-dotted cocktail napkins at Lisa Perry's eponymous Manhattan store are giant plastic ice cream cones and chairs shaped like hamburgers. The designer loves mod style, and also kitschy comfort food. At her holiday parties, for instance, she always serves pigs in blankets adorned with ketchup smiley faces alongside bowls of mustard. Or she sets out dip with homemade waffle chips: "I'll stack red, green and yellow Hellerware bowls just like Legos and put the chips in the top one."

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Inspired by Perry's playful approach, F&W's Grace Parisi created these fast, delicious dips for a 1960s-esque cocktail party.


More 1960s-Inspired Party Ideas

Retro Cocktail Party

1960s Party: Retro Cocktail Party



Dress in your vintage best and serve these throwback whiskey cocktails and party snacks like caramelized onion dip and chicken-liver rumaki.





1960s Party Drinks: Classic Cocktails


1960s Party Drinks: Classic Cocktails



slideshow These cocktails range from the well-known Manhattan and French 75 to more obscure classic drinks like the apricot-accented Czarine.





Classic Party Dips


1960s Party Drinks: Party dips



slideshow Delicious dips that are perfect for a 1960s-themed party or any time.





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