15 Fresh Salsas

Fiery, zesty, fruity—salsa is a deliciously versatile condiment that can be made with traditional tomatoes and onions or unexpected ingredients like corn, mango or basil. The 15 salsas here (right) are perfect ways to add fresh, bold flavors to a whole range of dishes, including tacos and classic Mexican foods (below), as well as grilled meat, fish and chicken.

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35+ Classic Mexican Dishes

Tips: Chiles


A Salsa Garden
A cook grows salsa ingredients in a tiny backyard garden.

Low-Fat Salsas
You may think that salsas are naturally fat free. Think again. Many use a lot of oil to balance acidic ingredients like lime juice. Here are five low-fat salsas that rely instead on the full, often sweet flavors of ripe summer produce.

Taste Test: Store-bought Salsas
Salsas offering a little something extra—unusual peppers, flame-roasted vegetables—stand out among supermarket varieties.

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