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How a Food-Crazed Kid Became a Chef

How a Food-Crazed Kid Became a Chef

Q: Who had the biggest influence on you?

A: My father. He was larger than life. He loved travel, eating, food culture, exploring...

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Andrew Zimmern: Real Recipes, Scary Foods

Real Recipes, Scary Foods

At home, Andrew Zimmern transforms even his weirdest discoveries into simple, delicious dishes.

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Andrew Zimmern’s Biography

Although Zimmern is famous as the host of the Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods (during which he might cook porcupine belly over an open fire with Bushmen in Botswana), he's also a born-and-bred New Yorker, a classically trained chef and a Minneapolis-based home cook. As he says, “I’m a dad and a husband, and I live in the Midwest. I make things like roast chicken.” He brings every part of his experience to his recipes for, bridging the gap between exotic flavors and American comfort food. Your kitchen adventures with Zimmern begin here.

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More from Andrew Zimmern


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