Grant Achatz's Holiday Recipes

© Abby Hocking
Here, some of the best Holiday recipes from chef Grant Achatz.

1. Cheshire Yorkshire Puddings with Sage and Black Pepper

© Abby Hocking

Star chef Grant Achatz combines the crunch of a popover with the creaminess of Yorkshire pudding in these puffed breads. For maximum cheesy flavor, grated English Cheshire is added twice--stirred into the batter and then sprinkled over the top. 

2. Mom’s Mincemeat Pie

© Abby Hocking

Star chef Grant Achatz balances the spicy-sweet fruit filling in his mincemeat pie with rum and brandy; a dollop of creme fraiche would be unorthodox but excellent. 

3. Mixed-Fruit Trifle

© Abby Hocking

Star chef Grant Achatz's multilayered, monumental dessert-in-a-glass illustrates what a sweetly old-fashioned trifle can look like in expert hands. 

4. Pickled Crudités with Buttermilk Dip

Star chef Grant Achatz gives the classic vegetables-and-dip hors d'oeuvre a nicely acidic punch by pickling the vegetables. The dip would also be fantastic as a dressing. 

5. Potato Blini with Smoked Salmon and Maple-Bourbon Crème Fraîche

Star chef Grant Achatz's delicate potato blini are no more difficult to make than breakfast pancakes and oh so much better than store-bought. 

6. King Crab Tikka Masala with Coconut, Papaya and Mango

Star chef Grant Achatz gives his rich, warmly spicy tikka masala a hit of fresh fruit flavor with a papaya-and-mango topping. 

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